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Cybersecurity Resume Guidance

Cybersecurity Resume Guidance

One of the volunteer activities I do is working with military veterans to improve their resumes. I wanted to publish some of the recommendations so that more people could benefit.

Here's the resume template that I suggest you use:

This was originally posted on StrataCore.com. Unfortunately, the page hosting that downloadable template now returns a 404 error. This was rescued using Wayback machine and will live here.

Now let's talk about your resume for a bit.

Ultimately, you're trying to portray that you're the strongest candidate for a position in 1-2 pages.

One exercise I encourage people to do is to write out everything they can think of on their resume. Every position, every detail, every achievement. I then advise them to print out their resume and then the job description for what they're applying for. They then should use a highlighter to highlight the parts of their resume that match something on the job description. That's what you keep. Rewrite your resume to be 1-2 pages based on what's highlighted.