Black Salve Injuries

Something new is hitting the health websites. Black salve, also known as “escharotics,” is a corrosive agent that is sometimes used by individuals in an attempt cure cancer. There is a belief in naturopathy that these chemicals can “draw out” cancer and burn it away. Not only will it kill you if the chemical burn gets infected, you will be in excruciating pain the entire time.
This is an extremely dangerous “salve” and can easily lead to death. Some superficial skin cancers can be burnt off chemically. However, black salve is like bringing a sledge hammer to brain surgery. Precision application of a freezing agent or other similar treatment is far superior to indiscriminate application of a corrosive agent. Unfortunately, the severe side-effects of using a corrosive chemical on the skin are rarely known to the consumer as this product is actually banned for sale in America. Those seeking this dangerous treatment must go abroad to find a supplier. Since these chemicals are not being bought from a licensed distributor, vital information like side-effects and risks are rarely communicated to the buyer.
This is a transcription of an account from an individual that used black salve to treat a breast lump. She was convinced to do this by a friend she met online. Minor editing was done to improve readability. Both interviewer and subject wished to remain anonymous due to privacy concerns.
Hi. What did you want to talk about?

I have to talk to somebody. Black salve seriously burnt me. I know it’s my fault. I’m a grown woman. Those wackos on [social media group] and others greatly influenced me. I’ve tried to report what happened.
Where did you buy it from? It’s banned in the US.
I bought it from [a place that ships from a non-US country]. Amazing what you find out after the fact.
Can you file a complaint with the FDA? 
Yes, but [owner of the company] is a fugitive. The FDA told me there is not much they can do because he fled the USA. If you look this guy up, he’s a real criminal.
Have you been able to get treatment for your injuries?
Yes, I have a follow-up today. I’m permanently scarred.
What were you trying to treat with the black salve?
A breast lump. It’s a mess. Would you do something for me?
What do you want me to do?
Post my story. I wish to remain anonymous. Let those people know. I got the all clear from the docs [for my lump].. two ultrasounds and mammograms… but I was still worried. People told me “you will only get a reaction [from the black salve] if it’s cancer” blah blah blah. I cannot even tell you the physical pain this has caused.
I don’t want this happening to other people. The pain was so bad. It is still bad eight weeks later. God forgive me. I feel like an idiot. Two friends dragged me to the hospital. They wanted to admit me. I had a raging infection. One friend is a nurse. She said I could have died from sepsis [life threatening complications from an infection]. Ironic considering how all I ever wanted is to be well and present for my children. This stuff put me out of commission.
Please post this on my behalf. I wish to remain anonymous. The scars are horrific. My husband can’t believe what I have done. 20 years married. We have tons of medical bills now because of me. Why he didn’t walk out the door, I do not know. We got into such a big fight. I thought he would leave me because of this and the chaos that it brought. I was in a bad way. The pain is still so bad. I cannot believe I did this to myself.
Is the pain getting better?
Yes. The salesmen claim “little to no scarring.” Not true. Not true! There is that one woman. The one that convinced me. She claims she is removing breast tumors. Does she truly believe this? Or is she in cahoots with [owner of the company that sold it to me]. [The owner] claimed that the pictures you find online are fake. Can you believe I spoke to him on the phone? He said my scars clearly were due to a rare, aggressive skin cancer.
I have my followup with the doctor today. He thinks I’m nuts. The folks in the emergency room do too. I almost lost my job over this. I was in so much pain I could hardly function. I was messing up and crying. These salve idiots told me that I killed cancer. This is all the damage. Too much to recount.

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