Thoughts on the Math Behind Homeopathy

Ever wonder how dilute homeopathic remedies are? One of our readers decided to put just how ridiculous it is into words. Check it out below:

So I had a thought just now that hurt my brain so much that I felt I had to share it with you all.

According to science as we know it, the shortest possible length of time is 1 unit of Planck time. That is to say, there can be a no shorter length of time (yes, it is quantized) than 5.3910632*10^-44 s (1 tP). With me so far? That number is unimaginably tiny. 

The best guess for the universe’s age as we know it is about 13.75 billion years or 4.339*10^17 seconds. This number is unimaginably huge.

If you take this unimaginably huge number and divide it by the unimaginably small number to get the universe’s age in units of Planck times, you get 8.049e60 tP.

That is an impossibly large number.

The standard dilution recommended for most homeopathic “medicine” by Hahnemann, one of the foremost quacks of homeopathy, is 60X. That is to say, one part in 10*10^60.

That is an even more impossibly large number.

If you somehow counted the number of Planck times the universe as we know it has lasted, you’d only be 80% of the way there to this number.

Credit to SB reader Matthew Fulghum

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