Aluminum Levels in Vaccines Relative to the Environment

Recently, a reader asked for a discussion on the amount of Aluminum present in vaccines. The reader was concerned regarding the possible health risks of receiving a vaccine based on Aluminum salt adjuvants.

Aluminum is used in vaccines as an adjuvant agent. An adjuvant is a vaccine component that will boost the immune response to the vaccine after an injection. Adjuvants are actually very useful for reducing the volume of active ingredients that are necessary. Adjuvants allow for lesser quantities of the vaccine and fewer overall doses.

The average vaccine containing Aluminum has about 0.1 to 0.2mg. Aluminum is generally considered harmless as healthy adults typically ingest approximately 7-9mg of Aluminum per day. Aluminum is also used in aspirin, antacids like Maalox and Mylanta, and many food products. There’s about as much Aluminum in a vaccine as in a 1-liter bottle of milk. If you’re a fan of green tea, you’re drinking about 2.5mg (or 10-20 vaccines worth) of Aluminum per liter bottle.

Since we’re talking about babies, let’s discuss the intake that occurs between ages 0-6months old.

Aluminum is present in both baby formula and breast milk. Approximately six months of breastmilk causes about 7mg of Aluminum ingestion. Baby formula causes about 38g of Aluminum ingestion. Soy formula comes in at about 117 mg of Aluminum ingestion.

To answer the follow-up question: Is an Aluminum injection different than ingestion? Sort of! Injection provides a much more direct path for Aluminum to exist in your bloodstream; however, there’s already so much of it present from what you eat that the impact of a vaccine isn’t noticeable compared to how much you get from a standard diet.

So how dangerous is all of this Aluminum? Not very. In healthy individuals, there’s no significant risk. It’s one of the most common minerals in our environment. It wouldn’t work out well for humanity if it were an important risk factor.

In cases where kidney failure is being treated, care must be taken to avoid excessive uptake of Aluminum as excess Aluminum is deposited in various tissues throughout the body. The primary risk here is for individuals undergoing dialysis with Aluminum contaminated water. This can be legitimately dangerous. However, outside of that edge case, the human body eliminates it as fast as we ingest it. In the interest of full disclosure, there was one study in the 1960s linking heavy Aluminum exposure in rabbit brain tissue to the same kind of tissue injuries found in Alzheimer’s patients. However, this study has never been successfully reproduced and has been dismissed as a fluke.

In summary, there’s a small amount of Aluminum uptake in vaccines relative to that which you’re already receiving. Thus far, outside of extreme edge case scenarios such as kidney dialysis, you’re pretty safe getting your vaccines and drinking tea.


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    Wow! This is a terribly flawed post. Aluminum is very dangerous to humans when ingested continually – and to some more than others. You fail to understand that not everyone can readily remove metals from the body. This ability is contingent upon the quantity of inherited metallothionein proteins. You at least acknowledge that aluminum is harmful to kidneys and does indeed store in tissues – so there is some merit with your statements – although so contradictory. Of course, there are other sources of this metal besides vaccines, however, oral ingestion allows for gut filtering, whereas subcutaneous injection does not. Children under one year old have no cellular immunity to address the ensuing inflammation . At the other extreme of humanity, autopsies of Alzheimer’s patients have repeatedly shown high levels of aluminum – as well as mercury.- within the brain. This explains why annual flu shots increase the risk of developing this degenerative condition. Please do not mislead the public with such inaccurate information that will endanger their health.

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    (Regarding the Collective Evolution site – recall the old adage about stopped clocks.)…So if a scientist or physician writes a book which details an anti-vax position with a well researched and experienced rationale, they should be presumed a charlatan? What if they are actually correct?… Remember when stomach ulcers were believed by the medical community to be caused by stress? Now we know that hpylori bacteria are the culprit. The mainstream meds have been wrong many times in the past – but the future will record vaccination as by far the most tragic medical intervention in all of history. My local MD with nearly 40 years experience stated this: “It will be a hundred years before they admit that vaccines are harmful, because so much money is being made.” America’s children now have more chronic illness than ever before – though given 49+ doses by age six. Shouldn’t they be the healthiest from your point of view? As for any further links, because they would be from sources you would immediately dismiss, I will not continue to ‘cast such pearls before swine’ only to have them trampled. Suffice it to say at this point that my own vast research, physician consults, and personal experiences have proven to me well beyond any doubt that the injected aluminum – and vaccinations in general – are quite dangerous and utterly shameless. Thankfully, the evidence is fast becoming undeniable – and more are discovering the truth each passing day. Peace to you!


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